Discovery of the caves – Visit

GUIDED TOURS (General public) (In French)


The Régulus's caves - Meschers

A period of three-quarters of an hour, they allow to discover the story of Meschers’ cliffs from the origin to our times. During this travel, the long and the short history to meet sometimes the legend…

To our English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italians friends, written translations are available. Touchscreen tablets are available for deaf and hard of hearing.

Differents thematics are broached during the visit :

To July and August, we suggest starts of guided tours every 20 minutes.* The registration is on site, at the box office of the caves. You must every time do start with a guide to safety mesures.

*Despite a start every 20 minutes, it is sometimes possible that waiting time announced may be higher to 20 minutes…

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